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One of the fastest growing home

security companies in Middle TN,

We use cutting-edge computer

technology to provide instantaneous

product support and 24-hour monitoring

protection of your home and family.

Lightning fast communication

(2 seconds) between your system

and our monitoring station.

No Kidding, No Phone Required

Cellular Monitoring. Your alarm

system is upgraded to include a

built-in GSM cellular device that

connects to our monitoring facility

with any sign of trouble.

There is no need for any type of

landline home phone or internet

connection. And since it is a cellular

connection, the alarm system doesn't

require any extra wires to work.


Interactive Video

Home Security Services allows you to

gain a true picture of what is happening

in your home or business with 24 / 7

on-demand video.

Get enhanced security with our pan and

tilt video cameras, archived clips,

event notifications, and automatic recording

when movement is detected.

Peace of mind is just an instant click away.

Keep An Eye On Your Store

Even While You're Away. With our interactive

video security services, we bring you

easy to use, high-quality video security

that allows you to keep an eye on your business

anytime of day and from anywhere.

Worried about your employees?

Easy, log in with your laptop and view

your cameras. Need an extra eye on the safe?

No problem, just use your smartphone to make

sure everything is okay.

With video security, watching the store is just a click away.







“I think what makes us different from other

companies is the idea of doing a good job,”

said Brad Staats, Partner, Security4U, LLC.

“All I want to do is provide good quality

service and the rest will fall into place.”

Staats said Oscar Smith is a true asset.”

Working together we’re using a number of

different marketing approaches, he said,

“but the primary one is good solid referrals.”

The company’s business is about 70 percent

residential, and the rest commercial, he said.

Generally speaking the big companies

lock out a lot of small companies because

you have got to have quite a bit of capital to

compete. Our unique arrangement was started

without any debt so we are able to compete.

“ Smith says “There’s a lot of customers that

cannot properly protect their house with two

doors and a motion sensor, and whereas most

of these ‘slam-’em-in’ companies just want to

get them in and out, and get as many monitored

accounts as they can each day. We take pride

in doing things differently.